Episode 004: Jeanette Hall – Taxidermist and Co-Host of Days Off TV

I get to interview Jeanette Hall. Jeanette L. Hall wears many hats, she is an amazing taxidermist at The Game Preserve Taxidermy, hunter and conservationist. She is co-Host of Days Off TV a hunting show that airs in Canada at this time. You can find her on Facebook where she has her own group page Adventures in Hunting with Jeanette Hall.

You can connect with Jeanette L. Hall directly at the following:

The Game Preserve Taxidermy – www.facebook.com/pages/The-Game-Preserve-Taxidermy/

Days Off TV – www.facebook.com/DaysOffTV/

Jeanette L. Hall – https://www.facebook.com/jeanettel.hall

In this episode, Jeanette discusses how she got into taxidermy, hunts she has done, and her hunt for a Mountain Goat.

If you have ever wanted a career in the outdoors, Jeanette is a great person to model. She keeps busy with a number of endeavors and never forgets to give back to the future generation of sportspeople. Please reach out to her if you are interested in a trip to hunt with her in Africa (or other areas) next year.