Episode 037: Jason Acorn of The Bone Yard TV and Kill’n Stix Arrows

In this episode of Outdoor Adventures with Jayson I get to have a conversation with Jason Acorn of the Bone Yard TV show (http://www.theboneyardtv.com). Jason, along with show co-host Calvin Buckler (who will be on show next week) have a great hunting show that up till this season was broadcast on Wild TV in Canada. With the upcoming season, starting this summer you will be able to watch the guys on Twisted Outdoors TV that will be available online and on Roku and other streaming devices.

In this episode we discuss some of the bow hunting that Jason does and how that lead him and Calvin to start Killi’n Stix arrows (http://killnstix.com). With 5 different types of carbon fiber arrows rounding out the type of arrows, you will find a type of arrow for all uses. In addition, if you are active on social media and a bow hunter, Kill’n Stix has a Pro-Staff Program. The more you promote and Kill’n Stix online while using the arrows, the better the discount can be for you. Please email your hunting resume to info@killnstix.com to be considered.

You can reach out to Jason via Facebook (www.facebook.com/jason.acorn), or the Bone Yard Facebook page (www.facebook.com/addingbones), Twitter (https://twitter.com/addingbones), and YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/theboneyardtvonline).

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