Episode 046: Cameron Kuenzer of Safari Classic Productions

In this episode I get to talk with Cameron Kuenzer. Cameron is a great example of the people of great character that you will find in the hunting industry. Cameron works for Safari Classic Productions (http://www.safariclassics.net/index.html) in Dallas, Texas. He is both a videographer and editor, working on shows like Dallas Safari Clubs Tracks Across Africa, and Hornady’s Dark and Dangerous.

In this we discuss Cameron’s relationship with Dallas Safari Club(https://www.biggame.org), his love of hunting, and huge desire to help promote hunting to younger kids. We talk about FTW Ranch and the S.A.A.M Shooting School(http://ftwsaam.com).

Also, Cameron grew up with a love of waterfowl hunting and he assists his father with their duck call company Quack Shack Duck Calls (http://www.quackshacktexas.com/home.html).

Contact Cameron through Instagram (cjkuenzer) or through Safari Classic Productions if you would like to discuss filming projects with him.