Episode 047: Lou Marullo Heavy Metal Singer and Bow Hunter

In episode 047 I catch up with Lou Marullo (Eric Adams) co-founder and lead singer of MANOWAR (http://www.manowar.com). When not touring with the guys in the band, you can find Lou traveling and hunting or held up in central New York enjoying down time and practicing his archery skills. If all that is not enough, for 25 years, Lou has been a hunting safety instructor for the state of New York where he teaches new hunters about the game laws in New York. Last but not least, Lou is also the Hunting Editor for Texas Game and Fish magazine (http://www.fishgame.com). Here is a link to some of his articles (http://www.fishgame.com/tag/lou-marullo/). Here is a video Lou recorded discussing The October Lull (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1V56OsHmWdA).

Lou has hunted a number of animals through the year, and a few years ago he mad a hunting DVD with Chester Moore titled Wildlife and Wild Times. Lou also did a Merriam Turkey hunt on the Pine River Indian Reservation and here is a link to the article that discusses the same hunt Lou was on. (http://scout.com/outdoors/hunting/Article/Turkey-Hunting-The-Badlands-101458869).

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