Episode 074: Huntlee Myrtle – YouTube Fishing Celebrity

In this episode, I talk briefly with my new occasional co-host Huntlee Myrtle. Huntlee is 5 years old and with the help of his mom and dad, started his YouTube channel Huntlee Myrtle Outdoors (Huntlee Myrtle Outdoors). Huntlee can also be found on Facebook at Huntlee Myrtle Outdoors (@Huntleemyrtleoutdoors).

According to Huntlee’s dad Cody Myrtle, this idea took place after Huntlee meet Jimmy Houston when he was 4 years old.  Cody said Huntlee is now wanting to help other kids learn to fish and hunt, so Huntlee has launched a charity to bring that to life. You can purchase hats from Huntlee Myrtle Outdoors (HMO) to help raise money. Huntlee has also caught the eye of a few companies that are helping to sponsor his adventures. Huntlee uses Piscifun (Piscifun.com), K&M Bait Co. (Facebook – @KMBAITCO),  Wapsie Lure (Wapsielure.com), and Daddy’s Little Hunter books (dlhbooks.com).