cropped-cropped-PLANE.jpgWelcome to the Outdoor Adventures with Jayson website. It is my hope to release a podcast that will bring the world of hunting to your door. From the great hunting opportunities found in the Americas to the dream safaris located on the dark continent, our topics will be expansive. I want to introduce you to those who are already out in the field living every hunter’s dream, as well as outfitters and gear manufactures who can make those dreams a reality.

I cannot remember a time when hunting and fishing was not a part of my life. I grew up near Lake Huron and my childhood memories of those times in the woods and on the water still linger with me today. Many years have passed since my youth, I’m older now, a bit slower and my mobility is challenging under the best of circumstances, but even now, I still feel the same excitement on the opening day of Michigan deer season as I did as a youngster. Despite the challenges that time, and my body place in front of me, nothing will keep me from enjoying the thrill of the hunt, nor the beauty of nature. If I can do it, so can you.

I reside in Texas now, which offers a new realm of experiences to my outdoor adventure opportunities. I would like to share these, and other experiences with you and bring them to you in the comfort of your home (or wherever you like to enjoy your podcasts). Who knows? Maybe I’ll even motivate you to come out and join me. Additionally, I hope that you’ll share your adventures with me; good or bad, we can all learn something from our fellow hunters.

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