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Episode 053: Land Tawney CEO and President of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Association

In this episode I get to interview Land Tawney, CEO and President of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers ( We discuss BHA and the many benefits that the organization provides and how BHA and the local chapters serve as watchdogs and a grassroots organization to protect our public lands across the United States and Canada. To learn more about BHA, check out their website, and go to the Media tab to see lots of different items that BHA puts out for information including their blog and podcast. You can also access their YouTube channel ( and Facebook (


In this episode we discuss several books that you can purchase from the below links. As an Amazon affiliate a small commission is earned to offset the cost of the show:


Beyond Fair Chase


American Serengeti


Also, please consider joining groups like the National Wild Turkey Federation ( You can also help me by supporting the podcast through my Patreon account


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Episode 052: Eric Dinger Founder and CEO of Powderhook

In this episode I get to discuss Powderhook with CEO and founder Eric Dinger. Powderhook is a unique website and phone app ( designed to provide hunter’s and fishermen with access to information and mentors around the United States. Are you in Iowa and heading to Florida? You want to fish and not sure where to begin? Access Powderhook to harness the power of the community to get the information and help you need.

This app is filled with great information waiting to be discovered. We discuss this and how to use this with other apps that you may already be utilizing and why Powderhook should be your first stop for hunting and fishing information.

Make sure to look up Powderhook on Facebook at @Powderhook, Instagram @Powderhook, Twitter @Powderhook. You can download the app in both the Android and Apple app stores (it’s a free app).

Don’t hesitate to contact Powderhook for additional information and download the app and enjoy!

Episode 050: Angie and Scott Denny owners of Table Mountain Outfitters

I get to catch up with Angie and Scott Denny of Table Mountain Outfitters( They also are hosts of the show THE LIFE ( on The Sportsman Channel.

We discuss the hunts that they offer in both Wyoming and Idaho. Contact Scott and Angie to discuss Spring Bear, Pronghorn, Elk, and Mountain Lion. If you want to hunt Wyoming, call the Denny’s. They can assist you with setting up the hunt that you want. It can take time to get a good unit for Elk, so discuss what you would like to do so Angie and Scott can plan for you.

If you do not have The Sportsman Channel, from Table Mountain Outfitters, you can sign up for My Outdoor Tv, an app that lets you access and watch outdoor programing when and where you want.

This is my 50th episode of Outdoor Adventures with Jayson, and I want to thank everyone for encouragement, reviews, and kind words. Please enjoy the show and head to my website for all the latest information. Also, I would love if you would go to iTunes to leave a review of the show. This is a great way to help me grow the show and continue to bring you outdoor content.