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Episode 069: Justin McFadden -Unchained Outdoors TV

In this episode, I talk with Justin McFadden of Unchained Outdoors TV ( The show is in its second season and is available on the Gen 7 Outdoors website, Roku, Amazon FireTV, Chromecast, and Androidtv (

We discuss hunting in Pennsylvania, filming your hunt, Nevin’s Hunting Friends (See episode 067 of my show).

Justin and the crew hunt whitetail, turkey, waterfowl, and anything else local that they have an opportunity to hunt.  Please check out the show on the Gen 7 Outdoors Channel, and on Facebook (@unchainedoutdoorstv).

Please contact Justin with any questions on the show, hunting, or any of the episodes via Facebook or by email at or by email at

Episode 068: Blake Alma – Author, Hunter, Angler, and Conservationist

I get to speak with Blake Alma (, he is a fireball of activity creating books, blogs, podcasts, and videos related to the outdoor industry. Blake has a new book coming out called An Outdoorsman’s Heart. You can order it from where he has information on the new book. Please follow him on Facebook and catch his show on the Gen 7 Outdoor Network (

Episode 067: Dan Burns – President of Nevin’s Hunting Friends

In this episode, I talk with Daniel Burns, whose son came up with the idea to start Nevin’s Hunting Friends ( A group dedicated to getting kids with special needs outdoors. Their mission is simple, “to help those kids that have trouble getting into the woods due to their illness”.

Nevin’s Hunting Friends is a 501c3 charity and can be contacted from their website listed above or by the groups Facebook page (@nevinshuntingfriends). You can view past hunts on the GEN 7 Outdoors TV Channel by clicking here.

If you are a manufacturer of hunting or fishing gear, I would encourage you to look at this special needs group and see if you can provide some gear to help keep these young kids in the outdoors.

Episode 066: Aaron Neilson TV Host and owner of Global Hunting Resources

In this episode, I talk with Aaron Neilson about his business Global Hunting Resources ( and his hosting of the TV Show Trijicon’s World of Sports Afield ( Aaron and I discuss some of his favorite hunt’s, the hunting industry and how Global Hunting Resources can make your hunting dreams come true and the effect social media has on the hunting industry. Please contact Aaron directly at, and let Aaron help you plan out a dream hunt.

Episode 050: Angie and Scott Denny owners of Table Mountain Outfitters

I get to catch up with Angie and Scott Denny of Table Mountain Outfitters( They also are hosts of the show THE LIFE ( on The Sportsman Channel.

We discuss the hunts that they offer in both Wyoming and Idaho. Contact Scott and Angie to discuss Spring Bear, Pronghorn, Elk, and Mountain Lion. If you want to hunt Wyoming, call the Denny’s. They can assist you with setting up the hunt that you want. It can take time to get a good unit for Elk, so discuss what you would like to do so Angie and Scott can plan for you.

If you do not have The Sportsman Channel, from Table Mountain Outfitters, you can sign up for My Outdoor Tv, an app that lets you access and watch outdoor programing when and where you want.

This is my 50th episode of Outdoor Adventures with Jayson, and I want to thank everyone for encouragement, reviews, and kind words. Please enjoy the show and head to my website for all the latest information. Also, I would love if you would go to iTunes to leave a review of the show. This is a great way to help me grow the show and continue to bring you outdoor content.

Episode 048: Amanda Lynn Mayhew – Canadian Hunter

In Episode 048 I get to catch up with Amanda Lynn Mayhew (, a hunter from Canada.  Amada Lynn is currently filming her second season of Just Hunt ( on Canada Hunts East broadcast on Wild TV.  You will find Amanda Lynn all over Canada, either filming her show or passing her passion of hunting on to fellow hunters. To assist with bringing more women into hunting, Amanda Lynn started the Ontario Women Hunters Association ( to promote hunting in Ontario and beyond.  With this, Amada Lynn started Range Days to bring women to local gun clubs to get first hand experience with firearms in a safe and comfortable environment.

Amanda Lynn is also on the pro-staff of Cabela’s Canada making appearances at Cabela’s stores in Canada to promote hunting.

Please reach out to Amanda Lynn via Instagram (@amandalynnmayhewhunting), via Twitter (@amandalynmayhew), or on Facebook (@AmandaLynnMayhew), and her Cabela’s Prostaff Page on Facebook (@ProStaffAmanda).

Episode 042: Scott Haugen, Professional Hunter, TV Personality and Author

In this episode, I get to interview Scott Haugen (, an author and TV personality. While he does not have any shows on the outdoor TV channels, his show The Hunt ( one of the first two hunting shows to be picked up on Netflix and is also on Amazon Prime(

Scott has a great story to hear with hunting adventures around the world. He has hunted animals around the world including a man-eating polar bear, lions in Africa that had killed men, and a Tiger in Sumatra. Many of Scott’s hunting adventures are discussed in his books (

You can reach Scott from his website to order/discuss his books, a hunt booking service he offers, or any other questions you might have for Scott. He can also be found on Facebook ( and Twitter (@scotthaugen).

Also, please consider joining groups like the National Wild Turkey Federation ( and Backcountry Hunters & Anglers ( You can also help me by supporting the podcast through my Patreon account

Check out Kill’n Stix ( for premium carbon fiber arrows.

Episode 040: Mitchell Payment of Mitchell Payment’s Moment of Truth TV

In this episode I get to talk with Mitchell Payment. Mitchell is 18 years old and lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Mitchell has got the first season of his show Moment’s of Truth TV filed and ready to air on the Wild TV ( channel in October of 2017. Mitchell got his start on The Bone Yard TV Show ( when he was about 15 and this will be his first show.

Mitchell can be reached via his Facebook Page (https://w, or his YouTube Channel ( On both his Facebook and YouTube channel, you will see a video of an epic shot on a bull moose, here is the video (

Mitchell shoots Kill’n Stix Arrows ( using his compound bow.

Episode 039: J. Alain Smith author, professional hunter and host of Rugged Expeditions

In this episode of Outdoor Adventures with Jayson, I catch up with J. Alain Smith of Rugged Expeditions ( If you have not watch Alain’s show that aired on The Sportsman’s Channel for 5 seasons, you are in luck. Rugged Expedition has moved to YouTube and you can catch his current and many past shows on YouTube here (

Alain provides lots of great information on hunting overseas and how his show came about. Alain also provides a variety of good hunting tips on his website here ( On top of this, Alain is a prolific writer of books on his hunting adventures and he has a series of fiction books as well. You can see them here ( All proceeds from these books go to a number of charities including Safari Club International( , OVIS (, and the SCI Foundation( You can see more about it here(

If you would like to contact J. Alain Smith, you can reach him via the Contact page on his website ( You can also follow Alain on Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter (@jalainsmith).

Also, please consider joining groups like the National Wild Turkey Federation ( and Backcountry Hunters & Anglers ( You can also help me by supporting the podcast through my Patreon account

Episode 038: Calvin Buckler host of The Bone Yard TV show and Kill’n Stix arrows

In this episode I get to have a great chat with Calvin Buckler of the Bone Yard TV show ( Calvin and his co-Host Jason Acorn started the show a few years ago and it has been airing on Wild TV in Canada. Starting in July of 2017 the show will switch to being shown online only so that you can watch it when and where you want to going forward on Twisted Outdoors TV that will be available online and on Roku and other streaming devices.

I get to spending time with Calvin discussing his hunting past, some of the cool things that he does on the show (editing and music) and his really cool past including his time as a musician ( We talk about Kill’n Stix arrows (

We also discuss the music festival called the Pembina River Nights Music Festival that Calvin puts on each year to showcase various musicians from across Canada and the United States.

You can reach Calvin on Facebook (, or the Bone Yard Facebook page (, Twitter (, and YouTube (

Also, please consider joining groups like the National Wild Turkey Federation ( and Backcountry Hunters & Anglers ( You can also help me by supporting the podcast through my Patreon account