Ep 093: Rich Wilson – Death by Bunjie – Crossbow Hunter

I get to talk with Rich Wilson, the creator of the YouTube channel Death by Bunjie (YouTube). On this channel, Rich tackles using a crossbow for both pleasure shooting and for hunting.  Rich shows himself getting acquainted with his crossbow to recent videos where he tackles different hunting scenarios and hunting in different states.

 You can contact Rich through his Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/deathbybunjie/) and www.deathbybunjie.com

Episode 049: Sara DiRienzo – Wyoming Game and Fish Department

In this episode I talk to Sara DiRienzo of Wyoming Game and Fish Department. She is a Statewide Public Outreach Specialist with the state and spends time discussing the hunting and fishing opportunities in the state of Wyoming. We discus things you can do to plan your trip using the Wyoming Game and Fish website (https://wgfd.wyo.gov). There are lots of tools on the website to plan a hunting or fishing trip to the state, apply for licenses, or just explore the wildlife in Wyoming. If you have any questions on hunting or fishing in the state of Wyoming, please access the website or call them directly at 307-777-4600.