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Savage Rifle Review: Model 111 in 30-06 and Model 11 Trophy Hunter XP in 6.5 Creedmoor.

In 2006 a Bass Pro opened in San Antonio. I went in one day to look at rifles. I shoot left-handed and finding left-handed rifles had been a challenge. I asked the guy at the gun counter what they had in a left-handed model and he said there was only one in the store. It was a Savage Model 111 in 30-06, so I bought it and added a Nikon Buckmaster in 3×9-40. Now after having this rifle for 11 years, I can tell you that it is a great rifle. It has been all over Texas with me and to Zimbabwe for a plains game hunt. It worked flawlessly, partnered up with Hornady ammo. I encourage you to look at Savage rifles. Don’t let some of the entry level price point rifles scare you off the brand. This year I picked up another Savage, a Model 11 Trophy Hunter XP package in 6.5 Creedmoor with a Nikon 3-9×40 scope. So far this has been a blast to shoot at the range. I took it to Duncan’s in Bay City, Michigan where they have an indoor 200 yard range. It was easy to dial in using Hornady Precision Hunter ELD-X ammo(143 gr). I will be taking this on an Antelope hunt in New Mexico on the first weekend in August.





Ruger Alaskan Rifle (Chambered in .375 Ruger).


I have been a Ruger ( firearms fan for years. I personally own the Ruger LCP “Coyote Edition”, and a Ruger LC9. Both of these are great pistols and I enjoy the handling of the LC9. With the LCP, since it is a special edition, it has never been fired.

I also own a Ruger 10/22 Takedown Edition. This is a great little .22 that I added a scope to. With the large capacity magazines and the ability to get .22 ammo now, it is a great gun to take out plinking or to the range. I also have a left-handed Ruger Alaskan in .375. This gun has the laminate stock and the Stainless Steel barrel. This gun took me a while to find. I didn’t want a Guide Gun from Ruger, I disliked how the stock looked. The next rifle I am looking at from Ruger is the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle. This is an amazing rifle in a number of caliber configurations. The .308 version will make a nice addition. Let me know your thoughts on your Ruger Firearms.


Excalibur Crossbow Review: 

I have owned three Excalibur Crossbows; the Exocet 200, and 2 Axiom SMF models (one was stolen from my garage).

I bought my first Excalibur crossbow, a used Exocet 200 in 2007. This crossbow already had a scope on it and it was easy to get set up (bought on eBay).  I used it to hunt hogs here in south Texas for several years and also took it to Ontario for a black bear hunt.

In 2012 (I believe), I sold the Exocet and purchased a new model, the Axiom SMF crossbow. This was in my garage for about 2 months before it was stolen. I was able to use the insurance money to go and buy another Axiom SMF crossbow. I have only used this for shooting targets over the last 5+ years. I like the ability to change the string in the field if needed. This crossbow produces some good speed, around 300 fps. I hope to use the bow to take turkey’s towards the Royal Slam.

Diamond SB-1 review coming soon.



Convergent Hunting Solutions: Hunting Bullet Review – Coming Soon!


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