Episode 005: Cable Smith – Lone Star Outdoors Show

I get to interview Cable Smith who hosts a great show on hunting and fishing. The show is called the Dallas Safari Club’s Lone Star Outdoors Show(www.lonestaroutdoorshow.com).

Cable is a great guy who discussed a number of amazing hunts he has been on, including black bear, Mt. Lion with hounds in Colorado with Cathedral Bluff Outfitters (www.cathedralbluffoutfitters.com). Cable will also discuss hunting on Koon’s Canyon Ranch in Rocksprings, Texas (www.koonscanyonranch.com).

You can find the Dallas Safari Club’s Lone Star Outdoors Show on numerous stations around Texas and as a podcast on iTunes.

Episode 004: Jeanette Hall – Taxidermist and Co-Host of Days Off TV

I get to interview Jeanette Hall. Jeanette L. Hall wears many hats, she is an amazing taxidermist at The Game Preserve Taxidermy, hunter and conservationist. She is co-Host of Days Off TV a hunting show that airs in Canada at this time. You can find her on Facebook where she has her own group page Adventures in Hunting with Jeanette Hall.

You can connect with Jeanette L. Hall directly at the following:

The Game Preserve Taxidermy – www.facebook.com/pages/The-Game-Preserve-Taxidermy/

Days Off TV – www.facebook.com/DaysOffTV/

Jeanette L. Hall – https://www.facebook.com/jeanettel.hall

In this episode, Jeanette discusses how she got into taxidermy, hunts she has done, and her hunt for a Mountain Goat.

If you have ever wanted a career in the outdoors, Jeanette is a great person to model. She keeps busy with a number of endeavors and never forgets to give back to the future generation of sportspeople. Please reach out to her if you are interested in a trip to hunt with her in Africa (or other areas) next year.

Episode 003: Mark Holyoak of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

I get a change to talk with Mark Holyoak of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (www.rmef.org). Mark is the Director of Communications for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and discusses his position and how he came about to be employed at RMEF.

Mark Holyoak of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation discusses some of the restoration projects that the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has done including preserving almost 7 million acres in elk habitat through various means. This also benefits all animals from songbirds up to the elk, bears, wolves and any other animals that inhabit that land. The reintroduction of elk to various places is discussed including Kentucky, and many other eastern United States locations.

If you go to www.rmef.org you can see many of the projects that are supported, and your membership helps to put money into future elk habitat management.

Episode 002: Dan Catlin – The Wildlife Gallery

I welcome Dan Catlin of The Wildlife Gallery in Michigan. I discuss with Dan his background, his position at The Wildlife Gallery and some discussion about the hunts he has done.

Dan mentions Majestic Mountain Outfitters (www.majesticmountainoutfitters.com) who he was able to take his Dall Sheep with a few years ago.

We also discussed The Wildlife Gallery (www.thewildlifegallery.com) videos that they put on YouTube to show how a mount is put together. Here is the link to the video on the elephant. Elephant Video on YouTube

You can find Dan on Instagram at TheWildlifeGallery and a search of Facebook will bring you to Dan’s page showing the amazing animals he has taken.

Dan also mentioned the tannery business that is handled; here is a link to that http://tannery.thewildlifegallery.com/our-team/

With facilities in Texas and Alaska, The Wildlife Gallery really is your one stop shop to handle your mounts. One area I did not get to talk to Dan about is the indoor mountains that they can do. Here is a link to that site http://thewildlifegallery.com/indoor-mountains/

Also mentioned in the podcast were Safari Classic Productions http://safariclassics.net

The Dallas Safari Club https://www.biggame.org and their Sporting Expo/Convention in January. Here is a link to it https://www.biggame.org/convention/