Episode 014: Tim Herald of Worldwide Trophy Adventures

In episode 14 of Outdoor Adventures with Jayson, I get to interview Tim Herald of Worldwide Trophy Adventures (http://worldwidetrophyadventures.com) and Cabela’s Instinct TV Show (http://www.thesportsmanchannel.com/shows/cabelas-instinct/).

In this episode we discuss some of Tim’s first hunts, his joy of helping others that lead to his business of helping others take their dream hunting or fishing trips. Tim is a great guy and wants to help you realize your dream of hunting that special destination. At WTA Tim has been leading hosted hunts around the world with clients. This allows Tim to experience these places again through the client’s eyes.

If you would like to take a hunt with Tim or discuss one of the other many other areas, please contact Tim to discuss your options. You can contact Tim directly by phone at 859-608-9331 or if you call the 800# of 1-800-346-8747 but at this number you have to ask to be connected to Tim. You can also email Tim at tim@trophyadventures.com.

Tim mentions that he will be at The Dallas Safari Club show January 5th – 8th, 2017, The Wild Sheep Show January 19th – 21st in Reno (https://www.wildsheepfoundation.org/convention), and The Safari Club International Show February 1st to 4th , 2017 (https://www.showsci.org).

Episode 011: Sherman Raschein of Wicked Tine Outdoors

In this episode I interview Sherman Raschein, creator and host of Wicked Tine Outdoors (http://www.wickedtineoutdoors.com). The show airs weekly in Canada on Wild TV (http://www.wildtv.ca) and can be viewed on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzDoB4b7mLeCgrrhc6iClyA) and a few local markets around the United States. You can find Wicked Tine Outdoors on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/wickedtineoutdoors/) and Twitter (@wickedtine).

In this episode, Sherman and I cover a number of topics. Sherman is a bowhunter and uses a bow from Gearhead Archery (www.gearheadarchery.com) and broadheads from Innerloc Broadheads (www.innerlocbroadheads.com). We discuss tips on filming your hunts and Sherman lets us know that he uses a Sony AX 100 to film with. We also bring up topics like Boone & Crocket, QDMA, CWD, and wildlife management.

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Episode 010: Japheth Singleton of Disciple Tattoo

In this episode I interview Japheth Singleton whole lives near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Japheth is the co-owner of Disciple Tattoo (https://www.facebook.com/discipletattoo505/) and here is a cool YouTube video about his tattoo business as well (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJCMRgjtSdc). Japheth came to my attention on Facebook when I saw a video shared from TV Channel KOB in Albuquerque on their Pay it 4ward segment. Here is a link to the video (http://www.kob.com/pay-it-forward/pay-it-4ward-tattoo-artist-helps-others-cover-scars-japeth-singleton/4318053/?cat=12846).

When not working as a tattoo artist, being a father, or being active in his church you will find Japheth either hunting or behind the camera filming hunts with High Desert Outdoors (http://highdesertoutdoors.weebly.com) and on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/kiillerdisciple) as a bow hunting addict, Japheth also started a show called The Freshman Bowhunter with videos on YouTube(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znnaReS3YGM) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/thefreshmanbowhunter/?hc_location=ufi).

We discuss hunting, equipment that Japheth likes, his love of hunting in New Mexico for Elk and other species that New Mexico is blessed with. He likes to use PSE Bows and Muzzy Broadhead’s as a lethal combo.

Japheth is also a man with a deep faith in Jesus and he attends church at New Beginnings Crestview in Albuquerque (www.nbcrestview.com).

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Episode 009: Blake Barnett of DSC Trailing the Hunter’s Moon

In episode 9 of Outdoor Adventures with Jayson, I get to interview Blake Barnett. Blake is the co-host of DSC’s Trailing the Hunter’s Moon (www.trailingthehuntersmoon.com). Blake’s co-host is Larry Weishuhn, who Blake talks about and explains how the origins of the show came about from one of Larry’s books.

We talk about his recent attendance of the SAAM (Sportsman All Weather All Terrain Marksmanship) class at the FTW Ranch (www.ftwsaam.com). The owner is Tim Fallon and his family and the ranch encompasses 12,000 acres set-up to assist hunters become more proficient with their weapons.

Blake discusses how he got started and also what some of his favorite hunts are from his time on the show. There is also a great breakdown on the 6 mm Creedmoor round, as specifically related to Hornady’s (www.hornady.com) ammo 6 mm Creedmoor 108 Gr ELD Match.

We also talk about Convergent Hunting Solutions (www.convergenthunting.com) Bullet HP system. This is a great system with a large number of calls you can put on your smartphone and use via Bluetooth.

Blake also discus’s his partnership with Drake Clothing (www.drakewaterfowl.com) , the benefits as a tall guy that he can partner with a company that understands tall guys needs in clothing.

Blake and I discuss Ruger (www.ruger-firearms.com) and the great products that are offered from Ruger. We have a discussion on various chambers, including my Ruger Alaskan in .375.

Blake talks about his long-term partnership with The Wildlife Gallery (www.thewildlifegallery.com) and the work that he has received from them including his leopard that he took.

In this interview we also discuss Dallas Safari Club (www.biggame.org), the main sponsor of the show and the work that comes from the DSC including the upcoming convention in Dallas from January 5th -8th 2017. Both Blake and Larry will be at the convention along with a large number of other celebrity hunters. Please stop and say “hello” to Blake and/or Larry.

Episode 008: Wendy Hendrickson – Texas Crossbow Hunters Club

I get to interview Wendy Hendrickson. Wendy and her husband Butch provided me with an entry to crossbow hunting.

Wendy and Butch are former guides and have been active in various charity hunts. Wendy and her husband Butch along with Keith Warren (www.highroadhunting.com) and his family appear before the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to get crossbows legally able to be used during archery season in Texas.

You can find a number of great hunting videos from Wendy on YouTube under HogHunterDiva. She has a number of cool videos including a night video using a cool product from The BowLite (https://youtu.be/nXovZYutuzI). This video shows a hog getting taken (https://youtu.be/IfYP-RvBd6Q).

You can contact Wendy via YouTube at HogHunterDiva, Facebook look for Wendy Hendrickson and also the Texas Crossbow Hunters Club(www.texascrossbowhuntersclub.com) and the Texas Crossbow Hunters Club on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Texas-Crossbow-Hunters-Club-201951233191297/?fref=ts) Wendy ranks number 2 in the world for a Warthog taken with a crossbow and her husband butch ranks 9th.

Episode 007: Wes Mundy of Double Diamond Outfitters

I get a chance to interview Wes Mundy of Double Diamond Outfitters (www.huntdoublediamond.com). This is Wes’s full time career, offering great hunts across Texas and access to Black Bear hunts in Ontario, Canada.

Wes has built a business over the years of catering to the hunters and making sure that they have access to quality places in Texas to hunt.

If you are looking to do an Aoudad Hunt, check out the trophies that Wes gets his clients year after year. Wes also has access to a limited number of free-range buffalo in Texas.

Being in South Texas out of the San Antonio area allows Wes’s clients easy access to get into Texas and be hunting quickly. Enjoy and contact Wes directly with any questions.

Episode 006: Jason Price of the show “The Experience”

I get to interview Jason Price of the YouTube hunting show The Experience. In this episode I was able to cover much of Jason’s background related to the show and his past hunting experience.

The show and website should launch soon, and you can catch clips on YouTube (https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC8UPrbYWptOa8zVQcpOopTQ) and go to The Experience Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/The-Experience-165870343761010/?fref=ts) and on Instagram at The Experience TV (theexperience_tv).

Jason discusses some of his hunts that he has been on including the outfitters he has used. In Africa, he has hunted with Thaba MMoyo Safaris (http://www.thabammoyo.co.za), Alaska with Wade Renfro at Renfro’s Alaskan Adventures (http://www.renfroalaskanadventures.com) and in Turkey with Shikar Safaris (http://www.shikarsafaris.com).

Make sure to connect with Jason and stay tune to YouTube as Dan Catlin joins The Experience and the two hunters travel the globe bringing unique hunts that are then preserved by The Wildlife Gallery (http://thewildlifegallery.com).

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Episode 005: Cable Smith – Lone Star Outdoors Show

I get to interview Cable Smith who hosts a great show on hunting and fishing. The show is called the Dallas Safari Club’s Lone Star Outdoors Show(www.lonestaroutdoorshow.com).

Cable is a great guy who discussed a number of amazing hunts he has been on, including black bear, Mt. Lion with hounds in Colorado with Cathedral Bluff Outfitters (www.cathedralbluffoutfitters.com). Cable will also discuss hunting on Koon’s Canyon Ranch in Rocksprings, Texas (www.koonscanyonranch.com).

You can find the Dallas Safari Club’s Lone Star Outdoors Show on numerous stations around Texas and as a podcast on iTunes.

Episode 004: Jeanette Hall – Taxidermist and Co-Host of Days Off TV

I get to interview Jeanette Hall. Jeanette L. Hall wears many hats, she is an amazing taxidermist at The Game Preserve Taxidermy, hunter and conservationist. She is co-Host of Days Off TV a hunting show that airs in Canada at this time. You can find her on Facebook where she has her own group page Adventures in Hunting with Jeanette Hall.

You can connect with Jeanette L. Hall directly at the following:

The Game Preserve Taxidermy – www.facebook.com/pages/The-Game-Preserve-Taxidermy/

Days Off TV – www.facebook.com/DaysOffTV/

Jeanette L. Hall – https://www.facebook.com/jeanettel.hall

In this episode, Jeanette discusses how she got into taxidermy, hunts she has done, and her hunt for a Mountain Goat.

If you have ever wanted a career in the outdoors, Jeanette is a great person to model. She keeps busy with a number of endeavors and never forgets to give back to the future generation of sportspeople. Please reach out to her if you are interested in a trip to hunt with her in Africa (or other areas) next year.

Episode 003: Mark Holyoak of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

I get a change to talk with Mark Holyoak of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (www.rmef.org). Mark is the Director of Communications for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and discusses his position and how he came about to be employed at RMEF.

Mark Holyoak of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation discusses some of the restoration projects that the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has done including preserving almost 7 million acres in elk habitat through various means. This also benefits all animals from songbirds up to the elk, bears, wolves and any other animals that inhabit that land. The reintroduction of elk to various places is discussed including Kentucky, and many other eastern United States locations.

If you go to www.rmef.org you can see many of the projects that are supported, and your membership helps to put money into future elk habitat management.